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Anniversary Date Membership Expiry & Membership Auto Renewal



What does an “Anniversary date expiry” mean?

Based on member feedback and to provide optimal value for your CHOA membership we’ve opted to change our individual membership life from a Jan – Dec 31st yearly membership and expiry to an anniversary date expiry! That means that you can sign up with CHOA any time of the year and you will receive a full year of benefits. 

Example: If you signed up April 30th in 2019 for a 1 year membership, it would expire April 30th 2020. In order to maintain your membership for the following year you would need to renew before the due date of April 30th.   


You can view your membership expiry date by following these steps:

·         Log in through the CHOA website

·         Click on Membership Info in the right hand section

·         You will see your current membership expiry


CHOA has implemented a NEW Auto Renewal system on CHOA memberships.

What does auto renewal mean and how does it work?

CHOA memberships are now on auto renewal. Once you renew/or sign up for the first time the system securely obtains your credit card details and creates an invoice for the following year. This invoice will be charged to your credit card the following year on the same day you first registered.

You can access this invoice by logging into your profile, navigating to Manage Profile, Membership and you will be able to see when your next membership dues will be charged.

If your credit card does not go through and you renew after your initial anniversary date you will have a new anniversary date based on the day you renew.
Please note: Even though your membership is on auto renewal we highly recommend you take the time to update your professional/personal profile so you continue to receive the full breadth of CHOA benefits.

How can I update my membership auto-renewal credit card information?

Step 1: Log in with your user name and password through the CHOA website

Step 2: Navigate to Manage Profile area upon logging in, and click on the "Membership" link beneath the "Invoicing, Payments & History" header.

Step 3: Select "Update Billing Information"

On the Open (Awaiting Auto-Bill) transaction line, select the "Update Billing Information" icon, it is represented by a credit card.

Step 4: Update Credit Card Information

On the "Update Payment & Billing Information" page, you can input the updated credit card and/or billing information and select "Submit Updated Information" button.

Is there a way I can delete the next auto renewal invoice?

You can delete the awaiting invoice by logging in to your profile and deleting the awaiting invoice. By deleting the invoice you are responsible to log in and renew whenever you wish.

Step 1: Log in

Step 2: Navigate to Manage Profile

Step 3: Membership

Step 4: Navigate to the invoice with the Status: Open (Awaiting Auto-Bill) and delete the invoice by clicking on the red X.

Please note:
If you NEVER want to participate in auto renewal please contact the CHOA office - 403.269.1755.


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