In-Situ Reserves & Resources Fundamentals Course
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In Situ Reserves and Resources


CHOA Members $499   |     Non Members $599


May 9th, 2019



For employees in transition or students, please call: 

 Jill Sugars at 403.269.1755 ext 300 for adjusted pricing.


Presented by GLJ Petroleum Consultants  |  CHOA Diamond Sponsor and Workshop Partner


The In Situ Reserves and Resources Fundamentals course serves as a detailed introduction to all aspects of evaluating an in situ asset; from Geology to Engineering to Economics. Students will take away a straightforward and robust method to evaluate and prepare a business case for an in situ acquisition and divestiture opportunity from the ground up. As a group, students will then have the opportunity to put this method to work and evaluate an example property.


Who will benefit from this course?

  •  Engineers, Geologists or any Geoscientists interested in learning about in-situ reserves and resources evaluation (geological and  engineering-specific concepts will be presented at a high level suitable for all).
  • Those with a finance background interested in the technical work that goes into an in-situ evaluation.Anyone who works in-situ and wants to learn more about the reserves process or in-situ assets.
  •  Anyone who works in-situ and wants to learn more about the reserves process or in-situ assets


Course outline: 


8:30 am – 12:00 pm    The basics of oil sands geology; modern analogues discussions; facies recognition from core and well logs; net pay mapping and bitumen initially-in-place calculations.


12:00 pm – 12:30 pm  Complimentary lunch.


12:30 pm – 4:30 pm    Proper reserves and resource classification; type well creation (including estimating recovery factors); steam oil ratios (SOR) and production profiles; in-situ project economics; development plan and corresponding production and economic forecast exercise.


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