About CHOA
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The Canadian Heavy Oil Association (CHOA) is a volunteer driven, multi-discipline, not-for-profit association focused on heavy oil and oil sands projects and developments. CHOA is not a lobby group, and is proud of its membership of individuals.

The organization evolved around the sharing of information and technical knowledge about the heavy oil and oil sands industry in an informal networking environment. Since its inception over 30 years ago, this volunteer-based, not-for-profit association has grown to over 1400 members. Today, CHOA is a hub for the Canadian heavy oil and oil sands and likely is the largest association in the world dedicated solely to the heavy oil industry. 

CHOA has an open membership and accepts members from all disciplines. Current members represent all aspects of the heavy oil business, including exploration, development, production, upgrading, transportation and marketing of heavy oil and oil sands. CHOA members can be found working for industry players, research organizations, regulatory groups and environmental specialists.

CHOA hosts regular technical and conference events for its members on topics related to facilities and upgrading; business, transportation and marketing; drilling and completions; reservoir and production; and environment.

The industry has come to realize that collaboration is key to accelerating the development and implementation of new technologies. CHOA events give members an informal opportunity to share project updates and the outlook for new and leading edge technologies in the heavy oil and oil sands industry.

CHOA also coordinates programs and resources with similar organizations, and has contributed to the development of a number of valuable industry resources, including the Heavy Oil and Oilsands Guidebook and Directory, a "Heavy Oil 101” industry overview course, and the CHOA Handbook, a comprehensive anthology of current knowledge and the future potential of heavy oil and bitumen, touted as a vital tool for anyone working in the heavy oil industry. To become a member of the CHOA please go to our membership page. 


Canadian Heavy Oil Association
#100 221 10th Ave SE
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